25 things you don’t know about me

She trusts her partner. Lauren Conrad He said exclusively us weekly The best advice she received was advice from her husband.

“I’ve had a lot of great advice in my life. But when I first met my husband [William Tell]The designer, 36, said he always wears a swimsuit no matter where he’s headed. “I thought this was really silly, but you never know when you’ll need a bathing suit. There have been so many random occasions that we’ve gone somewhere and I wish I could pack a bathing suit only to find that my husband did and I didn’t. It takes up little space. Very. Pack that bathing suit.”

The Laguna Beach Alum – who recently engaged with Planet Oats Oats – He married the guitarist in September 2014 and children’s share Liam, 5, and Charlie, 2.

With the days of reality TV long behind her (I left hills In 2009), Conrad now spends lazy Sundays with her family in California and dreams of a vacation in the UK

“I’d love to go to the English countryside. My husband and I really got in gardener’s world During the pandemic because we needed something quiet and easy to watch.” we. “Now we talk about just going to see the gardens. (I know. We are a wild couple!)”

Check out her favorite food, hidden talents, and more below:

1. My snack is raw fruit and nuts. I also make a smoothie with greens and planet oats which is the perfect way to start the day.

2. If I’m not trying to be healthy, my snack is salt.

3. The star-studded moment that impressed me the most was when I sat next to him Mark Wahlberg on a plane. I had a big crush. I was so nervous I could barely speak.

4. I spend Sundays with my husband and children. It’s our slow day.

5. To Inspire My fashion brandMy team and I are always watching the trends and creating different stories about mood and color.

6. The most common thing people say to me on the street is, “You look just like Lauren Conrad.”

7. He was my famous lover who grew up Justin Timberlake.

8. My first car was a 4 runner. My parents bought it at a police auction. It was scattered.

9. My first job was as a candidate for the Masters Contest, a festival in Laguna Beach, California where people recreate artwork by covering themselves with paint and fixing.

10. My best advice is: Be kind to everyone, including yourself.

11. I find it funny that people wear a cute costume, but it’s really wrinkly. Ironing clothes only takes a few minutes!

12. My favorite movie is dirty dance.

13. Honestly, I don’t have an all-time favorite book. Maybe I haven’t read it yet.

14. A blazer makes me feel confident. They make any outfit look polished.

15. My son Liam’s favorite meal is linguine and oysters.

16. One of the makeup products I can’t live without is Shiseido UV Protective Stick Foundation.

17. I love my air fryer. I use it every day. (I’m basic.)

18. I am excellent at Tetris.

19. The proudest moment of my time on reality TV is when I walked away. Nobody wants me Leaves hillsBut I knew it was best for me.

20. My favorite song from my ex-husband’s band, Something Corporate, is “I Woke Up in a Car”.

21. I look forward to watching my children grow up and all the excitement it brings.

22. One of the best compliments I received was when my son told me he thinks I look prettier without makeup.

23. I would love to go to the English countryside.

24. I have received a lot of great advice in my life. But when I first met my husband, he told me he always wears a swimsuit no matter where he goes. There were so many occasions I wish I could pack one.

25. The best party planning tip is: Prepare as much in advance as you can so you can enjoy your own party.

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