Ezra Miller has been charged with felony burglary days after Warner Bros CEO Discovery Zaslav praised the Flash movie.

Actor Ezra Miller arrives at the Warner Bros. premiere. ‘Justice League’ photos at Dolby Theater on November 13, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Axel | Power Griffin | Magic movie | Getty Images David Zaslav also seeks renewal Warner Bros. Discovery The DC cinematic universe, one of the studio’s biggest stars, continues to make headlines for … Read more

Deal to keep festivals in Chicago curbs competition

The deal to keep Lollapalooza in Chicago for at least the next decade includes a complete overhaul of how festival producers will pay the Park District, stricter restrictions that keep competing music festivals out of Grant Park and no provisions for investment in venues except for $100,000 tennis. Court renewal. Although Mayor Lori Lightfoot took … Read more

Book review: “Kiki Man Ray” by Mark Proud

Kiki Man Ray: Art, Love, and Rivalry in 1920s Paris by Mark Proud We open just as Kiki de Montparnasse begins to sing. It’s a scene told in the present tense, pieced together from a jumble of memories – who didn’t leave a record of their time in Paris in the 1920s? Especially if they … Read more

Wendy Williams is causing concern as she looks confused in disturbing new video after claims she ‘does not live in reality’

Wendy Williams has fans worried after she was seen looking eerily skinny and disoriented in a new video. Previous daytime tv show was the host keep an eye While Fighting health issues and more. 8 Wendy Williams has fans worried after she came out seemingly confusedCredit: Dario Alkin for US Newspaper 8 The former Queen … Read more

How to build a better world for film and television

The DC films universe Once again in complete disarray, a week after the shocking announcement from the Warner Bros. The newly formed Discovery. Major DC movie projects that were either in production or completed (The Wonder Twins, Batgirl) Completely cancelled; TV series like Sparkle (and the bigger Arrowverse with it) is also nearing the end, … Read more

5 books every fashion designer should read

Costume designers are an integral part of any stage. While the audience may see a beautiful costume on stage, behind the scenes there is a great deal of detail and work in preparing each costume design. Fashion designers shine through their work on stage by understanding not just each individual piece, but the history behind … Read more

Dawn of Bitcoin Art Renaissance – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an editorial by Dawdu M. Amantanah, author of The Bit On Digital Coins: A Quick Practical Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency. The Renaissance was a time of great progress in human understanding. Intrepid explorers began traveling across the open ocean, scientists developed new ideas, and cities exploded into important centers of commerce and culture. … Read more