A 2022 creative nonfiction book, God’s Answer to Abortion, discusses supernatural dreams and visions in the year the Mayans predicted the end of the world

NEW YORK, NY – (Newsfile Corp. – August 15, 2022) – Posted by Taylor CR Patterson, herself a devout non-denominational Christian who follows Jesus Christ. God’s Answer to Abortion Released with so much reader anticipation due to its timely subject matter, the author revealed that she had no idea when she began writing her book … Read more

WEB Du Bois’ Forgotten Romance Novel

After my father passed away, I did not write for two years. Even reading novels no longer interests me. But when a friend mentioned WEB Du Bois Princess of Darkness, a romance novel published in 1928, I was curious. The novel was underrated and ignored by critics. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to her. … Read more

Business Book of 2022 – Longlist

Rising interest rates, accelerating inflation, supply chain turmoil, post-pandemic labor markets heat up, and the backdrop to the geopolitical and environmental crisis: the Financial Times longlisted headlines for the year Business Book of the Year Sheds new light on some of the most pressing business issues at the moment. The fifteen books, filtered by FT … Read more

Ayatollah Khomeini has not read Salman Rushdie’s book

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini has never read Salman Rushdie’s book.”Satanic VersesHis son Ahmad told me in Tehran in the early 1990s. The Iranian leader’s deadly 1989 fatwa against British-American writer It was a political move to exploit the explosive anger in Pakistan, India and beyond over a fictional dream sequence relating to the Prophet Muhammad. The … Read more

Gosse releases first book in the SCORE series to tackle poor sportsmanship

Written by Tori Wittenbrookthe ApprenticeGreen Bay – Bill Goss, a Green Bay native, grew up in an athletic atmosphere that afforded him an abundance of youth sports experience. He has an extensive background in sports and playing football, golf and baseball. Gosse also played collegiate basketball at Marquette University. His personal experiences as an athlete, … Read more

All that we had yesterday; Review of The Glass Pearls – Brilliant Wartime Storytelling from Ginzburg and Pressburger | imagination

TThe great memoirist and story writer Tobias Wolf once complained about the “essentially anonymous” gestures used in fiction and dramatic literature to define characters: “mixing drinks, crossing rooms, lighting cigarettes.” The problem, he said, is that these details “don’t tell us much. What you want is a gesture that tells you something.” It seems to … Read more