‘House of Hammer’ Trailer: Throwing Hammer Alleged Victims of Cannibalism

ARMY HUMMERA beleaguered actor who was accused of sexual assault in early 2021, is an upcoming focus of attention Discovery+ Documentary series, which also delves into his family history. The three-part series,”hammer house“is investigating the accusations against Hammer – which he has categorically and repeatedly denied through lawyers – including messages he allegedly sent to … Read more

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Newly solo Pete Davidson has to star in Spinoff ‘FBoy Island’

Nine months later, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian whirlwind, rollercoaster romance It came to an end. The sources say Celebrities knew their stars had been crossed from the start, and that distance eventually came the two of them as Davidson prepared for his shoot. The Upcoming Peacock Show, produced by Lorne Michaels bobkiss. They have … Read more

Fred Savage’s misconduct in The Wonder Years – The Hollywood Reporter

was like Fred Savage He was preparing to direct the ninth episode of ABC’s reboot years of wonder That a group of six women on the crew united to take action. Despite their concerns about potential repercussions, in February they sent a complaint to Disney and subsequently spoke to their director of human resources regarding … Read more

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The Dragon House stars have never met their older counterparts

“This show is strength, and this woman is strength,” Emily Curry told IndieWire in a joint interview with costar Millie Alcock about the HBO drama. When “Dragon House“for the first time HBO Later this month, it marks a return to all the familiar Westeros principles for which they are known.”Game of thrones‘: Sex, violence, and … Read more

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Actor Clu Gulager from The Tall Man and The Virginian dies at 93

On Friday, Chloe Gulager, the powerful actor who has appeared in critically acclaimed films like “The Last Picture Show” as well as low-budget horror films, and who memorably portrayed gunslingers on two Western televisions, died at the home of his son John in Los Angeles. . He was 93 years old. John Goulger confirmed the … Read more

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The end of the worlds is near

picture: John Johnson / HBO penultimate episode of Season 4 From Westworld Its title is “Metanoia,” a word I was surprised to learn that means “cAttachment in one’s way of life resulting from repentance or spiritual conversion,” according to Oxford English Dictionary. I assumed it was a painting combining the words meta-narrative and paranoia, because … Read more