Want to get back to exercising after COVID-19? This is what the experts say

Flicking a run and tossing some active clothing on can be a daunting task when recovering from COVID-19. Perhaps you have been inspired by the Commonwealth Games or the warm weather is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know when you return to sports, whether it’s just a game of running or 80-minute soccer. … Read more

Exercises to relieve back pain, restore your health

Now, we’ll focus on helping you navigate through the exercises to determine which ones can relieve pain and restore the health of your back. Designed for movement, your body needs to stay active for good health. When you’re sedentary for long periods, muscles weaken, connective tissue stiffens, and joint lubrication is reduced. On the contrary, … Read more

Fitness rules that are okay to break

picture: Atstock Productions (stock struggle) I’ve learned so much in my many years in the gym, and the newbie – I’m shocked and stunned by the things I do during my workouts. With the benefit of experience, I am now doing exercises I thought no one should ever do thatAnd I pretty much broke all … Read more

Butt muscles: what they are and how to strengthen them

We use our muscles every day by just standing, sitting and walking. But what exactly? How do you make them stronger? The gluteal muscles, located in the posterior chain, pass some time. Just take a look at the latest workout trends, scroll through Instagram or hit YouTube to see the many ways you can build … Read more

Should you do cardio before or after weights?

It’s a question many gym-goers ask: Should you do cardio before or after weights? according to American College of Sports Medicine (Opens in a new tab) It’s important to combine cardio and strength exercises so you don’t overwork small muscle groups and allow time to recover. But in what order should you do them? And … Read more

3 tips to stay full of vitality and moisture while exercising

on nutrition If you do recreational sports—maybe you go to the gym, take dance or yoga classes, take day walks or long bike rides on the weekends—you may be wondering how to eat and hydrate while exercising. Here are the three questions I hear often and some of the answers. Should I exercise on an … Read more