Do you want affordable healthcare? Make hospitals commit to posting prices online

The Biden administration and Congress are addressing the escalating costs of health care and health insurance by extending the Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies into the pandemic era in the United States. Inflation reduction law. However, simply transferring the increased costs to taxpayers does nothing to address the unsustainable basic health care crisis. In fact, … Read more

Insurance companies must cover the policyholder’s owner in a tort claim

Last week, a federal court in New York Rule That the “insurer’s very broad duty to defend the insured” extends to the policyholder’s compensation to property owners in a basic tort action. ConMed Corporation (“ConMed”), a medical technology company, sued Federal Insurance Company (“Federal”), a division of Chubb, alleging that the Federal had violated the … Read more

How did you come about telemedicine

My patient’s trip to the clinic took nearly two hours – a subway, a bus, and enough traffic to raise her blood pressure an extra 10 points. Plus she was missing a day’s work – and pay – as a contract cleaner. When I asked her if she would prefer a televised visit to our … Read more

Southern European economies diverged – Politico

Carla Soberana Artes is an economist who has worked as an expert Policy Analyst for the Bank of England and Europe Research Analyst at The Economist Intelligence. If the eurozone were a school, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain would be the laggards in the class. The four countries, with the ugly acronym PIGS, are loud, … Read more

Ministers admit 34 hospital buildings in England have roofs that could collapse | Hospitals

Ministers have admitted that thirty-four hospital buildings in England have roofs made of concrete so unstable that they could fall at any time. The revelation has led to renewed fears that ceilings in affected hospitals could suddenly collapse, injuring staff and patients, and calls for urgent action to address the problem. Maria Caulfield, the Secretary … Read more

The Republican Party is under fire for his statements about the IRS

Republicans are under fire for their rhetoric of more than $80 billion in IRS funding, including a massive climate, tax and health care bill that Congressional Democrats are sending to the White House. The funding, which spans more than 10 years, aims to help the IRS implement various provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, which … Read more

Here are the changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new COVID isolation guidelines – NBC Chicago

Still trying to get around the latest COVID guidelines? In short, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has streamlined a new set of recommendations for quarantine, social distancing and even testing geared toward tackling the evolving pandemic. The changes, which come more than two and a half years after the pandemic began, are prompted … Read more