Certain factors may affect the physical and mental quality of life among people with multiple sclerosis

Quality of life is a measure of a person’s level of comfort, health, and happiness. For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), a new study finds that there are specific factors that may affect a person’s quality of life, both physical and mental. The study was published in the August 10, 2022 online issue of Neurology®Medical … Read more

Readers write: FBI research on Mar-a-Lago, preliminary findings, mental health

Editor’s Note: Star Tribune Opinion Publishing Letters From readers online and in print every day. To contribute, click over here. ••• Wow, what a rush to hate-filled judgment in Wednesday messages about law enforcement action in Mar-a-Lago (‘Take care, Democrats’). Here’s what we know: A legal search warrant has been executed at a man’s home … Read more

Here’s how the surge in gaming fueled by the pandemic is reshaping our understanding of its effects on mental health

Given the scale of the mental health crisis, and hundreds of millions of people already playing video games, gaming could be the next game changer for mental health. Games are not where most people think about improving their mental health, but there is no better way to help people improve their lives than to meet … Read more

Advocates call on mental health experts, not police, to respond in crises

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Some in Northeast Ohio are calling for an overhaul of the way mental health and behavioral health crises are handled. They think mental health experts, not police officers, should respond to some calls for service. “When it comes to a mental health crisis, non-sedating individuals, even individuals with different nerves as well … Read more

Opinion: Meeting the mental health needs of the Medicare population

For the 63 million Americans receiving Medicare benefits, the challenges that significantly affect their mental health continue to rise. Projections indicate that the number of Medicare beneficiaries will grow by 1.5 million annually through 2029 with the majority of eligible enrollees being those 65 years of age or older, placing urgency on the need to … Read more

‘DOSED 2’ explores legal drug treatment, highlighting the changing landscape of mental health care

Psilocybin treatment of dying patients. 2 . potion In 2020, the Canadian government passed a landmark ruling that allowed four terminally ill Canadians the legal right to use magic mushrooms for End of life distress. The compassionate decree was the first of its kind in Canada since 1974 when magic mushrooms (which contain the psychoactive … Read more