Doing good for people and planet | Business

Groundwork Coffee Certified B Corp For the past two years, Groundwork Coffee has been working behind the scenes to qualify for the B Corp Distinguished Certification. B Corp certification is awarded to companies that agree to meet high standards of performance, accountability and transparency through their entire business model. Jess Smith, Groundwork Coffee’s Vice President … Read more

The first stars and black holes

image: Supercomputer simulations have probed primordial black holes and their effects on the formation of the first stars in the universe. Black holes can help stars form by scattering structures around them through their massive gravity. They also hinder star formation by heating the gas that falls into them. Stampede2 simulations dedicated to XSEDE show … Read more

Metaspectral wins CSA funding + develops EO payload for ISS with HySpeed ​​Computing partner – SatNews

newly, spectral meta Receive funding as part of Canadian Space Agency Smart Earth An initiative to build a method for the systematic and systematic determination of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels present at Earth’s altitude using hyperspectral data. Metaspectral has created a hybrid on-premises and cloud-based software platform that is used in a variety of industries … Read more

Webb Telescope Reveals An Unexpected Bounty of Bright Galaxies in the Early Universe | Sciences

The James Webb Space Telescope has been observing the sky for only a few weeks and has already made an astonishing discovery: tens, hundreds, maybe even 1,000 times more bright galaxies in the early universe than astronomers expected. “No one expected something like this,” says Michael Boylan Colchin of the University of Texas at Austin. … Read more

The magazine confirms that the universe had a beginning

Image: Cartwheel Galaxy, by James Webb Space Telescope, via NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI. A major argument in Stephen Meyer The return of the God hypothesis Focus on the universe has a beginning. He argues that the beginning refers to the universe generated by the mind of the Creator. Mayer’s case for the God hypothesis … Read more

Leadership Matters – Even in Outer Space

Driving matters – even in outer space. You’ve seen stunning images from NASA’s new James Webb Telescope, which is now orbiting the sun. The US Congress nearly canceled the project several times as it drifted under poor leadership, and the budget grew from $1 billion to $10 billion. The Wall Street Journal described Greg Robinson’s … Read more

These are the best and worst foods for you and the planet, according to scientists

Scientists have identified the environmental and nutritional impact of more than 57,000 food products to help consumers make better decisions. The “effect scores” created by the researchers compared products such as beef, chicken or sausage with their vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Meat-based products, especially beef and lamb, received the highest impact scores, meaning they were … Read more