When it comes to saving African wildlife, all conservation is local

Human-animal conflict in Africa is a fact that Western conservationists must do … [+] We acknowledge before there is a sustainable path forward. If conservation measures don’t work with local people, they won’t work for wildlife. Animals that do not bring value to societies are often shot, hunted, or poisoned because they are seen as … Read more

Coastal Job: Tribal Fish and Wildlife Technician

Text version of the article Some people work in booths, others work in kitchens, but the coast may be the most interesting workplace. Meet the people who head to the ocean instead of the office in our area coastal jobs series. Vanessa Castle is a member of the Lower Eloah Clallam Tribe, based near Port … Read more

Why the UK import ban threatens wildlife conservation

Cup hunting, in which animals with characteristics such as bighorns are legally hunted, and their meat usually eaten – is a matter of great controversy. While some argue that Unethical It offers few benefits, others say important incentive To conserve threatened species and habitats by helping generate revenue for local governments and communities. restrictions On … Read more

Wildlife stresses as rivers shrink due to drought

Environmental groups say the prolonged drought is having a “serious” impact on wildlife in rivers. With rivers already under pressure from pollution and drinking water use, they say a looming drought is adding to the pressure. According to the Rivers Trust, chalk streams, which support popular species like salmon, kingfisher, and otters, are of particular … Read more

Experts say resist the urge to “rescue” young wild animals

Raleigh, North Carolina – With spring in full swing, wildlife officials are urging residents to resist the urge to take in, relocate, or even feed baby animals that might otherwise occur in the wild. When people venture outside into nature or even their home gardens, some may encounter baby rabbits, veld or fledgling birds mistakenly … Read more

Burger King, the National Fish and Wildlife Service and Cargill join together to help conserve and restore grasslands and wildlife species through regenerative farming practices in the Great Southern Plains.

Up to $5 million in funding will be provided by the partnership, which has the ability to sequester up to 360,000 metric tons of carbon annually — enough carbon to offset the energy needed to power 43,000 American homes for one year. Miami, April 12, 2022– (work wire) — Burger King and Cargill today announced … Read more

Oregon Wildlife Rescue sees an increase in the number of patients due to wildfires and heat waves

With ingrown hairs and claws burning from a wildfire, a bobcat boy roamed a neighborhood east of Springfield in search of safety and food. Community members found the bobcat in the chicken coop and brought it to the Chintimini Wildlife Center to be treated for infestations, dehydration and parasites. The Corvallis Wildlife Center, founded in … Read more

Wildlife director leaves FWP worried due to lack of listening | local news

Getting an invitation to sit at someone’s table and listen was the best part of Mike Thompson’s job. The fact that someone had strong opinions about wildlife management, and that Thompson was the director of wildlife for the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks 2 region, may seem like a stressful combination. However, after 42 years … Read more

Take a look at 7 amazing photos of wildlife in their unnatural habitat: the urban world

Seeing an animal on an empty street in the dead of night can feel strange and life affirming. During the pandemic in particular, city dwellers were shocked to see daring animals roaming the deserted streets of enclosed urban spaces. deer in paris, goats On the streets of Llandudno in Wales and even puma haunt the … Read more