Medical simulation platform FundamentalVR raises $20 million to help surgeons learn through VR – TechCrunch

BasicIt is an immersive simulation platform for the medical and healthcare professions and has raised $20 million in a funding round to “accelerate the transfer of surgical skills and competency” through virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) applications. Despite its decades-long promise, virtual reality hasn’t traveled much beyond gaming circuits or niche industrial use … Read more

Byrne’s Wizard adds a twist to the chip story

By WANG YING in Shanghai and FAN FEIFEI in Beijing | China Daily | Updated: 08-11 2022 09:03 Shanghai-based Biren Technology introduced the BR100, a general-purpose graphics processing unit, or GPGPU, on August 9, 2022. [Photo/] Shanghai-based Biren Technology introduced the BR100, a general-purpose graphics processing unit, or GPGPU, on Tuesday, taking advantage of a … Read more

Meta: If you build it, they may come

Thinkhubstudio Renaming last year from Facebook to Meta Platforms (Nasdaq:dead) surprised many. Although it seemed like a joke at first, it wasn’t. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was very serious and the capital expenditures that are now starting to The company’s planned “metaverse” offerings were strong. While the scope of this article will not be to analyze … Read more

VOTED, PASSED AND SIGNED: XRA lauded Chip and Flag Act

The Create beneficial incentives for semiconductor production Sign CHIPS and the Science Act into law Tuesday, August 9, 2022. President Joe Biden signed HR7178 after lawmakers on Capitol Hill passed the landmark bill late last month. Semiconductors or microchips are tiny computer chips the size of a fingertip. They are the basic building blocks of … Read more

How Business Schools Teach MBA Online

Online MBAs have come a long way. Driven by the Covid pandemic, the number of global online MBA programs accepting the GMAT β€” a key benchmark for a higher program β€” increased by 50 between 2016 and 2020. Last year, applications for online MBAs grew by 46%, evidence that the shift to distance learning has … Read more

Digital transformation is witnessing a quantum leap amid high-quality development

A visitor tests Huawei VR Glass during an exhibition of virtual reality and augmented reality devices in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. [Photo provided to China Daily] Chinese companies’ investment in digital transformation is expected to see rapid growth in the next few years, as innovative digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence … Read more

Do you worry that your phone is spying on you? Just wait until you’re in it

A new paper shows how easy it is to access personal data of virtual reality users in the metaverse. dpa alliance / picture via Getty Images You may be annoyed by the way targeted ads seem to know in a matter of seconds what you’ve been talking about with your friends on social media or … Read more

At SIGGRAPH, Jensen Huang lights a revolution in graphics

In a slick, quick special title at SIGGRAPH, the NVIDIA executive described the forces driving the next era in graphics, and the company’s expansive toolkit to accelerate it. β€œThe combination of artificial intelligence and computer graphics will power metaverseThe Next Evolution of the Internet,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, beginning the 45-minute … Read more

Judges Club: FX Digital is about creating a balance between CTV sellers and developers

The deadline for entry is August 11 for Drum Awards for Digital Industries Is looming. Before that, we caught up with one of the award’s expert jurors, Matthew Duhigg, founder and managing director of FX Digital. The Digital Industry Awards celebrate the best businesses, companies and people behind the most effective digital campaigns around the … Read more