Ukraine accuses Russia of using a power plant as a nuclear shield

Ukraine says 13 dead in Russian missile attack Russia is accused of bombing near a nuclear plant Russia says it does not deliberately target civilians Kyiv was accused of bombing a power station from a bombed town Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine on Wednesday accused Russia of using its location at a nuclear power plant it … Read more

US and Iran weigh in on EU’s ‘final’ offer on nuclear deal

Seventeen months after the United States and Iran began negotiating a possible return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that President Donald J. Trump abandoned, the European Union has submitted a “final” proposal for the parties to consider before talks finally collapse, Western officials said. Negotiations have continued through many pauses, crises, and threatening conclusions, … Read more

Another wave of intense heat is targeting Europe, resulting in alerts

Comment on this story Suspension Barely three weeks have passed since a historic wave of extreme temperatures hit Western Europe, smashing all records in Britain. Now a new heat wave is rising over the continent, with alerts issued and more records at risk. By Thursday, large parts of France and southern parts of England are … Read more

Kenya 2022 elections: Kenyans cast their votes in a race very close to calling

Several polling stations in Eldoret, the stronghold of presidential candidate and incumbent Vice President William Ruto, closed polls on the point at 5 p.m. local time (10aET), as there were no voters in line to cast their ballots. Ballot papers will be counted first at polling stations immediately after voting ends, before they are then … Read more

Kenya’s presidential election: Live updates and news

Voting in Nairobi on Tuesday.attributed to him…Louis Tato/AFP – Getty Images Nairobi, Kenya – One of them is the hero of the “Crooked Nation”. The other is a veteran leftist running his fifth career for a senior position. Both are products of Kenya’s calcified, corruption-ridden political system, yet they claim they can change it – … Read more

Latest war news between Russia and Ukraine: live updates

Residents line up at a water distribution point in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, last month.attributed to him…Daniel Berholak for The New York Times Mykolaiv, Ukraine – The besieged city of Mykolaiv emerged Monday after a 54-hour shutdown during which officers went door to door looking for collaborators that officials say are responsible for helping Russian forces identify … Read more

Oil facility fire threatens Cuba’s fragile electrical system

HAVANA (AFP) – A deadly fire that began at a large oil storage facility in western Cuba spread on Monday, threatening to plunge the island into a deeper energy crisis as officials forced the shutdown of a major thermal power plant. A third tank was engulfed in flames at dawn, which firefighters tried to calm … Read more

CDC adds two destinations to its ‘high’ risk category for travel

Editor’s Note – Subscribe to Opening the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get news on opening and closing destinations, inspiration for future adventures, plus the latest flight, food and drink news, accommodations and other travel developments. (CNN) – A popular destination in the Middle East and a small Dutch Caribbean island was added to the … Read more

Gaza: Cease-fire continues between Israel and Islamic Jihad after fiercest clashes in a year

The truce, announced by the two sides, on Sunday evening, came about 50 hours after the start of the escalation, when Israel launched what it described as pre-emptive strikes on targets of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza. At least 44 Palestinians, including 15 children and some activists, were killed in the violence, according to … Read more