How to play Netflix games on iPhone and Android

picture: digital sun Yes, Netflix has some excellent games, but no one plays them. According to a recent reportHowever, less than 1 percent of people who subscribe to the streaming service actually take advantage of its free games. This statistic is certainly not aided by the process you have to go through to play, which, … Read more

Google Search and Google Maps were briefly disabled offline last night

picture: Torsten Sells (Getty Images) Large numbers of US netizens last night briefly experienced the dark and frustrating realities of a world without Google services. Although Google has since fixed the outage issues, there are new reports Suggest The disturbances may be related to an “electrical accident” at the Council Bluffs, Iowa data center, which … Read more

Billions are pouring into bioplastics as markets begin to rise

CLEVELAND (AFP) – In a world increasingly plagued by the ongoing damage to the environment from plastic – made in petrochemical plants – companies are investing billions of dollars to ramp up production of plastics made from natural, renewable materials that can be safely composted or can biodegrade in the dark. appropriate conditions. Bioplastics have … Read more

AI-powered drug hunters are approaching a pivotal stage in their evolution

Efforts to use AI for drug discovery have been underway for about a decade, but industry watchers expect an inflection point to be approaching for investors, who have been looking for ways to determine how drug developers evaluate AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the potential to accelerate the search for new treatments by … Read more

The withdrawal of the matching group shows that the Metaverse is not a strong blow to growth

font size Last fall, he matched detailed plans for dating with “new and innovative dating experiences.” Gaby Jones/Bloomberg A common symptom of any advertising cycle is that companies – no matter how far from the subject of hype – find ways to join them. Then, when the cycle turns, executives become concerned about exactly how … Read more

The founders of Indian startup Zepto share tips on how to start a company

When he wanted Kaivalya Vohra He left Stanford University to run his startupIt took “two long conversations” to convince his parents. He said getting them on board was not too difficult. “They saw how this business was growing in front of them, and they saw how quickly we could achieve what we had.” It only … Read more

Revenue is determined in the first fall

Alibaba has faced growth challenges amid regulatory tightening on China’s domestic technology sector and a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy. But analysts believe the e-commerce giant’s growth could pick up through the rest of 2022. Quang Da | Jiemian News | VCG | Getty Images Ali Baba Analysts expect revenue to fall for the … Read more

Physicists discover the oldest dark matter to date using microwaves

Researchers have just studied the lens of the oldest light we can see and discovered the oldest dark matter observed so farsurrounding galaxies that are 12 billion years old. They discovered this dark matter by looking at how some galaxies distort the light of the cosmic microwave background, the oldest detectable radiation just after the … Read more

A start-up at Stanford University worth millions, could be India’s Unicorn Tech

“When we started this 12 months ago, every conversation we had was saying, ‘You’re completely out of your mind, this is never going to work,’” said teen CEO Adit Balecha. However, Palicha has been able to prove these skeptics wrong – it has now approached the case of the unicorn and it is one of … Read more

Pitfalls, bipartisan partnership in long struggle for semiconductor bill

Washington (AFP) – Five weeks ago, top aides to the Biden administration gathered for their regular meeting Thursday morning about passing a bill to revive the US computer chip sector, fearing it would be in jeopardy. After 18 months, a bipartisan effort to save $52 billion for semiconductors was nearing the finish line. But they … Read more