Twitter got some Snarky responses after officially announcing the 90-day Fiancé Universe

90 days fiancé It may have started making major headlines in 2020 when cast member Big Ed Brown went viral for putting mayonnaise in his hair and insulting his ex-fiancée Rose Vega, but the franchise has been a part of TLC going back to 2014. Truth is, it’s grown quite a bit in recent years, So much so that Warner Bros. Discovery referred to it as the “90 Day Fiancé Universe” during an earnings call. Whether or not the term is valid, it garnered some scathing responses from Twitter once it circulated online.

The jokes started popping up thanks to a photo from Warner Bros. Discovery, which showcased the huge perks currently available to anyone with Discovery+ or HBO Max subscription. Referring to the TLC franchise as “90 days fiancé Universe’ is one thing, but some can’t help but joke about the company putting it along with some other popular franchises:

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