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Louise was ready to go home. She loved her grandchildren more than anything, but babysitting can be too much. She told everyone it was the hottest event of her week, and she didn’t mind He lies.

Most people will not understand the pleasure of sex with her avatar, Lucy. Louise called herself Lucy in the VR world because everyone warned against using your real name in VR. Plus, it was a lot easier to have sex because Lucy – Lucy was great and got so much Attention When you enter a party or chat room.

Louise considered Lucy her sexy character. Louise’s first romance in virtual reality was with Patricia – she loved Patricia’s company, and sex naturally evolved from friendship. It took a while before Louise stopped feeling guilty, though, as Walter had been gone for less than a year when her relationship with Patricia became sexual.

But lately, all Louise wanted to do was hang out with her new virtual boyfriend, Greg. Greg was so tattered, strong and confident – all the things that Walter – soul merciful – he never was.

VR gave Louise a chance to experience the kind of romance she’s always wanted – fun conversation that didn’t center around family drama, a sexy guy who obviously enjoyed her body – really, who wouldn’t prefer this to babysitting the grandkids?

Louise hastened to get Lucy ready for her date that evening–Lucy had bought a tight red dress–the kind that Louise did not dare to wear that day. Louise was already excited as she expected Greg’s response.

In the back of her mind, she wondered if 38-year-old Greg really was such a cool hunk in real life. Never mind, she never meant to tell him about her real age. Back to Lucy – Which pair of high heels looks best with this dress?

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We are part of a huge social experiment. Technology is changing what it means to be intimate before our very eyes. For the first time in human history, we have the technology to experience an intimate relationship with them imagination Partners, robots, and humans in faraway places we wouldn’t have had a chance to meet otherwise—let alone have sex with them.

In some ways, today’s social battles are fought to support sex Fluidity and direction will become less important as our lives, including our intimate lives, will become more focused in virtual worlds. This is because, in virtual reality, we will write our own script, develop new identities, and experience sexual adventures that we may also feel Timid Or embarrassing to start in real life. No biological limits to your physical body will prevent you from feeling “as if” you are someone else or “as if” you are doing something else.

Here the boundary between virtual life and real life blurs dramatically. For example, recent research suggests that memories we form in virtual reality may behave more like those from real-life experiences than memories of information shared in a two-dimensional environment. Perhaps this is because virtual reality is such a deep experience that we form physical memories of our virtual experiences.

Likewise, we can experience strong emotions in hypothetical situations similar to those we feel in reality. Lust, tenderness and sex gravityFor example, it can feel like real with your headphones on without it, so if it looks like a duck and behaves like a duck.

Lynette was definitely tired. was the first Acting to her husband, whom she quickly lost due to Alzheimer’s disease. Despite her fatigue, she was looking forward to leaving her heavy and complicated world for a while.

Greg, her favorite avatar and virtual opposite, was a strong masculine icon with a super cute Barbie doll girlfriend. Greg offered Lynette an exciting experience of power and control that she hasn’t experienced in life these days – if at all. Lynette made sure her headset was turned on and ready for her juicy evening date.

Virtual lovers will arrive in various forms – such as inside virtual reality, augmented reality, and robotics. But everything will be meant to please – at least if that’s what you find sexy. Additionally, depending on the type of virtual lover you share, they may not bring any emotional burdens into the relationship and may not have sexual or emotional needs. Ultimately, VR will have the most power when it satisfies or at least satisfy our unmet needs more efficiently and effectively than we can achieve in the real world.

However, here is the million dollar question – what does this mean for humanity? It’s anyone’s guess now. While most people ignore or ignore our increasing reliance on virtual familiarityStrong positive and negative opinions are expressed.

“It’s wonderful!” Say those who see virtual reality as an opportunity for people without romantic partners to experience intimacy and for people who are eager to express it. sex in more diverse ways. “It’s the end of intimacy!” say people who afraid Virtual attempts will replace human lovers.

I suspect that everything will be true for subsets of the population – some will feel that technological progress is beneficial to them, and others will find it destructive to their personal lives and relationships. But technology and AI Experts almost unanimously agree that few of us will avoid its effect.

Sex and intimacy today is much different than it was 40 years ago. In the life of Louise and Lynette, sex has gone from something you’d ideally had with only one partner your whole life to practically endless technical sexual opportunities with essentially unlimited partners. What will the next forty years hold for us?